Friday, January 13, 2012

Blog Birthday

Last year on the 6th of January, Blairadise came alive.

My friend Graylyn over at The Rodrigues Family gave me the idea. Her beautiful blog captures all the wonderful moments of her family's journey through life. The ups and the downs. Watching sweet James grow from afar has been such a wonderful treat and I love looking back at her posts to see where James was and where Ava is now. Not to compare, just to relate. So, I would just like to say thank you to Graylyn, for your inspiration.

In the beginning, the blog was just for fun as I only told my sister Amanda and Johan about it. Then one day in March, I got brave and posted a link to Facebook. Since then I get surprised every time someone likes a link or posts a comment. I appreciate everyone of you who are following along on our little journey. Watching me figuring out life in a different county, while learning to be a wife and mother.

Blairadise is a place where I come and share all my thoughts and our photos with friends and family all around the world. Tell a bigger story than what I can offer in weekly emails or Facebook posts.

Again, thanks for following along with us and we hope there are lots of exciting things happening in 2012... Like Ava's first birthday!

Here is a look back at the few of the first posts of Blairadise. Most importantly, the Foreword...


As a fore warning to anyone who will read or follow this blog, I would like to inform you that I am not a writer. Therefore, you may encounter poor grammar every now and again. With lot's of misplaced commas and run on sentences. Although, I am not too worried about it. This is my space to share my thoughts with whomever cares enough to read them... Hence the title, Blairadise.

Over the past few months I have become absolutely obsessed with reading blogs. If I had to pin point the exact date I would say it was the 3rd of June. The day after I found out I was pregnant. Since that date I have been scouring the internet looking for pregnancy and parenting advice. Seeking out what is the best stroller, car seat, birthing method, sleep routine, etc. that is best for my new arrival. Upon doing this, I have stumbled across many mommy blogs. Mommy's that have inspired me to start my very own blog.

So I have created this blog as a journal for my daughter to have when she gets older. It is for our family and friends around the world that may not get to experience all her 1st's with us. Or maybe even her 2nd's and 3rd's. Plus, keep them up to date with all the other crazy things happening in our lives.

This blog is told looking through rose colored glasses out onto the world that is know as Blairadise.

Nommer Een

Skip and I are about to start 2011 off with a huge BANG! Like a really HUGE BANG! Any day now our first baby will take Blairadise by storm. These past 8 months have flown by so quickly, if only the last 4 weeks would hurry up and also pass by. We can't wait to meet our Little Miss Ava.

It's summer here in South Africa and getting hotter every day. As am I. Larger and hotter, everyday. And I am so over being pregnant. Some women bask in the glow that is pregnancy. I've never had that "glow". At first my face broke out like a 15 year old boy. Oh and the things I would do for a nice cold lemonade. One that I didn't have to squeeze the lemons myself and add sugar, water and ice to. A nice super sized Lemonade from Chic-fil-a. On the other hand I am quite glad I am not back in the US of A. At this moment there is no way I could pull up to that window and just order a large Lemonade. With that would come a #5 super sized, please. And this tiny little, excuse me, this once tiny little behind, would be 10x larger instead of the 8x larger it is right now. I am not doing fat well.

So please Miss Ava, please grace us with your presence soon. We really can't wait to meet you.

Here is a photo of Miss Ava on Monday, 3rd Jan.
Unfortunately she was misbehaving the two times we went for her 4D photo shoot. So this will just have to do.

Yay! My first post on my blog!

-Happy Birthday Blairadise!



  1. Yay for blogging! Best thing I've ever done!!

  2. Love your blog and love you! You are a WAY better blogger than I have ever been, but glad that I played a small part in starting yours! :) Miss you!

  3. Double yay for blogging. Miss you ladies. Dee - My friend Marissa is coming over in March. When are you and Brad going to plan a trip?


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