Sunday, July 3, 2011

Please accept my deepest apology...

Dear Mothers,
Please accept my deepest apology for passing judgment on you, as a mother, for your child's snotty nose and dirty face. Until now, I did not know how difficult it is to remove loads of mucous from a tiny little nose. Especially, when tiny little person refuses to have the mucous removed. It is quite a battle, that is not easily won. So again, please accept my apology for judging you and please, try and not judge me, by my snotty nose little child.

Dear Previous Neighbors,
Please accept my deepest apology for all the loud, late night parties I hosted on a regular basis. Especially, to the Boger's, residents of 5th and Ann and Cotswald on Walker. For your knowledge, I am now getting paid back in ten folds. Our bedroom backs up to our neighbor's patio area. The first set of occupants were a couple of middle aged women who threw loud parties, quite frequently, that consisted of long nights of horrible karaoke. You could tell when there was a break-up, because there would be only female voices, drunkenly singing to the likes of Alanis, Kelly and Avril. Johan had to hold me back many nights from shouting at them from the window. And now, there are new tenants that are gearing up to be just as bad. Unfortunately, I think they bought the house, but my fingers are crossed. It is definitely karma paying me back for my younger years.

Dear Future Bachelors,
Please accept my deepest apology for the heartbreak these five little girls are going to cause you. Their wit is going to knock you off your feet and their beauty will steal your breath away. Their confidence will make you doubt yourself and their daddies will probably scare the life out of you. Take this message as a forewarning! Be afraid, be very afraid.

Dear Husband,
Please accept my deepest apology for all the money I spent buying Ava new clothes last week. While cleaning out her closet today (sniffle), I stumbled across all of her 6 months clothes that I had assumed where too big, but are not. Our little girl is growing so big and tall, so fast, that I can barely keep up. Hopefully, you have already figured out that a girl cannot have too many clothes and the Hello Kitty  t-shirt was too cute to pass up.

Dear Self,
Please accept my deepest apology for wishing Ava liked falling asleep on your chest. I did not know that the wish would come true and make her only want to sleep on your chest. However, time is flying by and one day she will be too big, so enjoy it while it lasts.

My mom, sister and the girls came to visit for the weekend. We had a great time. Really missed my older sister, Natalie and her daughter, Bailey. One day we will all get together. I hope that one day will be real soon.

Here are the pictures of all the beautiful babies, just like I promised.

Bath time!

One proud sister.

Passed out.

Amanda and her mini me.

Della Mae talking a tour of the garden.

Only took them two hours to become BF's again.

Don't worry, Grandma's got everything under control.

Ronet and her newest addition.

My favorite picture of the entire weekend, Ava and Isabella.
This one is also a favorite of mine.

Ah, family...

Happy 235th Birthday America! Miss you tons! We will be celebrating the 4th on the 9th of July. Going to introduce some of our SA friends to some good ole' greasy American hamburgers and hot dogs!

this photo via this site

Proudly American,

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