Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life Update

At the moment Johan, Ava and I are on the way back from dropping my mom off at the airport. She is heading home to the US for two months. Johan and I are so jealous. Would love to be boarding a plane right now, destination Charlotte.

Yep, writing this post on my brand new iPad! Love it. I should say Johan's iPad as he uses it way more than I do. We definitely need two.

My big work event is FINALLY over and we can finally get our life back to normal. (I met AL GORE!) However, it has been so great having my mom and grandma at my house this week. But now, back to normal.

This weekend we were supposed to have family photos taken, the weather obviously had different plans. If I tell my sister it's warm in Pretoria, by the time she gets here, it will be raining or freezing cold. Shame.

Thankfully the sun came out and today was beautiful for Ava's baptism. She was such a doll in church. When the preacher placed the water on her forehead, she gave the biggest smile of her life. It was almost like she knew what was happening. My heart swelled up. There aren't words to explain how happy and proud I was of my little family today. And that my grandmother could be there to witness Ava's baptism, made it even more special.

For my wedding dress, I used my mom's wedding dress and had it updated a bit. With the left over fabric, the dress maker made a baptism dress. Della Mae wore it first and now, Ava. My mom bought a blanket and stitched each of the girls who used the dress name onto the blanket, so we have now created our own heirloom. Very special.

This week has been hectic to say the least. Monday I started an events management course online. Not sure why I thought because it was online it would be easy. Ha. Wednesday was the event. Thursday Amanda and the girls arrived. Friday Ruben arrived! Saturday is rained out our plans. Today the baptism... Like Johan says, I need a weekend.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shh! Don't wake the baby!

Shh! Don't wake the baby, they said!

I didn't wake her but, I have been holding her for the last hour. Not minding if she were to wake up.

Tonight is the second night I've come home from work and she's already feed, bathed and in bed. Heart wrenching. The good news, my event is near and the weekend even nearer. Then back to normal.

Looks likes she had a fun day with her grandma and great-grandma!

Now for some shut eye of my own.

Good night!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

naptime diaries: sashes, she puts her big girl pants on

This is exactly what I needed today. Really....

naptime diaries: sashes, she puts her big girl pants on: But the point is, don't fret so much over the size of your plate, but know what the Lord has put on it. Is He calling you to zone in on your family for a while? To minister to the lost around you? Has he put a small business on your plate? A dream? A struggle?
Look at it, ask Him. Don't compare it. It's your plate. For you, from Him.
And then read Proverbs 31:17.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Holy Smokes!

Holy Smokes! These two words basically define my life at the moment.

Very rarely do I look at Ava and not think, Holy Smokes! Where did this amazingly beautiful little person come from? Or, Holy Smokes! I am a Mom!?! When did this happen and how did I get so lucky to get her?

It also applies to work. Holy Smokes! Our big event is in less than two weeks?!? Or, Holy Smokes! Why am I making so many mistakes and not even realizing it?!? I am not even hungover, yet I feel hungover?!? WTH?!?

Holy Smokes! I've actually been so depressed these last few weeks and don't know why. My mom always taught us that you feel the way you want to feel, so depression was never acknowledged in our house growing up. I appreciate that and have tried hard not to acknowledge it during my life. But lately, it has somehow creeped it's ugly head in. I deserted my blog this past week as punishment to myself for my depression. It's only been 9 days, yet feels like months since I last wrote.

I don't think of myself as a writer, that's not what this blog is about. It's to share what's happening in my life, with those that care. I love sharing what we are doing, what I find and how fast Ava is growing. And Holy Smokes! She is growing fast. My blog makes me happy.

I think being a working mom has started to take a toll on me. For my family, Holy Smokes! I am so jealous of the extra time Johan gets with Ava. Be it in the car on the way to school, or the hour they have together before I get home. I feel like, as the mom, I should do those things. This month is crazy for me, there are nights when I get home at 7. Johan has fed and bathed Ava, then put her to sleep. It breaks my heart to come home and she is sleeping.

She's still not sleeping through the night, and she sleeps in our bed (only my fault), so every move or breath, I am awake and it's starting to take it's toll on my work habits. Not good.

Holy Smokes! I need to wake up! A fresh start. Let's begin by talking about all the positives in my life.

Today was Ava's first school concert. Her school goes to age 5. The concert was the sweetest thing. The baby class, Ava's class, all the mom's came on to stage and showed off their babies. I had to miss the rehearsal, (Johan went, depressing) so I was a bit nervous. As we got to the front of the stage, our 2 year old nephew Juan, shouted AVA! Everyone cheered and I couldn't have been more proud.

The rest of the little ones danced and sang for the next hour or so. My niece Keira was a star! Out of all of the kids, her smile never once faded. Her personality shined like never before. She belongs on the stage. Holy Smokes!

Last weekend was one of my other nieces Baptism. Isabella. There were 20 people, including children staying at my parents house. Holy Smokes! In true Southern style, they were welcomed with open arms. Their house isn't huge, yet everyone fit and felt right at home. Isabella, along with her two other cousins where given to the Lord and it was beautiful.

Holy Smokes! My bosses love American products almost as much as I do. Thank goodness! My grandmother arrives on Monday because of that fact. This will be the second plane ticket, that is cheaper than shipping, for stuff my boss has ordered from the US. My sister Natalie came in April, read about it here, with a free ticket. Grandma Kernodle is 86 and amazing. I can only hope to be as active as her, when I reach her age. It is still surreal that she will be in my house, meeting my daughter on Monday...

I won a Blackberry Playbook! Yeah?!? Holy Smokes! Got a phone call on Wednesday congratulating me on winning and asking for my address. I gave it to her, not thinking or believing it would really show up. Then received an email. Checked out her company and saw it was legit. Then waited. Friday morning, the Playbook arrived at my work. SERIOUSLY. So what did I do? Sold it to my boss and am using the money to buy an ipad 2. I feel so guilty about it, but oh well. CANNOT WAIT FOR MY ipad 2. How did I win? I signed up for the contest on Blackberry SA on Facebook for the competition and actually won. Crazy.

Holy Smokes! Waiting on my BFF in the US to get off work and get home so we can pretend we are at a swanky, scratch that, anywhere drinking a beer together. Instead we will be Skyping, drinking a beer together. So excited.

Holy Smokes! Life is good.

Pics to follow. Here is a little Ava to keep you happy.

Last weekend
Earlier this week, can you see her tiny pony? Holy Smokes! She is cute!

Go Bokke!
(the South African rugby team playing in the Rugby World Cup)



Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lastest Web Obsessions

I've found some awesome new websites that are stealing all my attention these days.

Follow Me on Pinterest

If I am not on my absolute new fav site Pinterest, you can find me on here:

Monkey and the Bug - she started following me on Twitter. Why? I don't know either. So I investigated her and found her awesome blog and shop. One day I will buy something for Ava from there...
$30 from here

Through Monkey and the Bug I found out about Closet Visit. If I could be only 1% as fashionably cool as any of these people on this site, I would be 1000% times cooler than I am right now. How real and gorgeous is this site? Swoon.

Raquel Allegra's closet - super jealous
I mentioned on my last Weekend Update that I've already started planning Ava's 1st birthday. Well, I enlisted a little help from the professionals. At In Good Company, they offer The Good Plan. For R50, they design a party plan for you, right down to the menu you should serve. Best part, the R50 turns into a store credit at their lovely little shop. Why I haven't put them on my blog roll yet, I am not sure. Super excited to see what owner, Julie, comes up with for Ava's Under the Sea / Coral and Teal themed birthday party!
Their new store

Being Brazen is listed on my blog roll and I have mentioned her before here. My favorite segment, I guess you call it that, is her Local is Lekker or Local & Lovely. I LOVE, LOVE online shopping. Even if it's just screen shopping. Get it, window shopping / screen shopping. Ha. BUT, my biggest issue is that South Africa hasn't quite caught up with the whole online shopping thing. If you go to one of our biggest retailers, not to name names, but they are still pushing their Urban Arctic looks and it's officially Spring Day here in SA. Hello, people?!?!?! What happen to fashion forward? Anyhooo, Being Brazen posts local online shops and products. Not to mention she has killer giveaways. What's not to love? Check how her most recent post, Lovely & Local.

Local & Lovely
I should actually stop looking at Cool Mom Picks and following them on Twitter. They give me more depression, than joy.
A) proof I need more $$$ 
B) makes me miss home and all the US has to offer
Look at today's post, swoon...
Last but not least, a NSFW (Not Safe For Work site), There's a Lion Heart in our Bath Tub. Why is this site NSFW? You try to get through one of her posts without tearing up or laughing out loud. There's a reason why she was just voted South Africa's number 1 Mommy Blog by Kidz World

go here

Well folks, if your looking for me, there's lots of places where you can find me. Facebook isn't one of them. It's so last week!

Lot's of exciting things happening for the Scheeper's this month. Keep a look out. 


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