Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sew Time!

Mom and I have been busy sewing these past two weeks and you would think we had completed a lot more projects than just a dress and a Quiet Book, but with Della Mae and Ava both needing adamant attention, we've only gotten so far.

When I first saw Della Mae's Quiet Book I was so jealous and sad that they didn't make one for Ava. I now know why! These little books aren't the easiest things to make. There are little eyes and ears that need to be cut out and sewn on. Then appliqued around each piece. I am actually glad they didn't make Ava's book because I appreciate it much more now that I see how much work goes into one of these little guys. Plus I get to spend time with my mom. My favorite part, other than spending time with my mom, was picking out the fabric for each little piece. Luckily my mom has a craft closet bigger than most peoples wardrobes. We followed the directions for the most part, but a lot of it comes from the creativity of my mom. So blessed that she enjoys making crafts. Wish I was a bit more creative but at least I try. Hopefully Ava will learn to sew and garden from her grandmother. This week we will be busy making one for my brother's baby due in August, little Lucien.

Here is Della Mae's Book

Ava's Book
While deciding on the fabric for Ava's Quiet Book, I came across the most beautiful material in my mom's scrap collection and decided Ava must have something out of this. It's a beautiful tie-dye with flowers, perfect for a dress. Unfortunately, I only had pieces of the fabric. I then got an idea, if I sewed the pieces together then I would have enough fabric to cut the pattern. What we have ended up with is a patchwork dress for Ava. I think it's too cute. Even made her a headband to match. Just wish Widespread Panic toured SA so I could take Ava to rock out in her dress. We will just have to do a little noodling around the house.

The hard workers

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