Friday, March 25, 2011

Jogging with the Baby Jogger

Actually haven't gone jogging, walking with the Baby Jogger I have done.

The main task I gave the Skipper to do before little Ava's arrival was to help me find a stroller. Thankfully he likes wasting time on the internet just as much as I do. So he jumped on it. I think we spent a total of two full days watching youtube videos of stroller reviews. They are quite interesting.

When we finally stumbled upon the video for the Baby Jogger City Mini, we were blown away. A one handed close? This must be a joke. At only 16lbs, 7.25kgs it one of the lightest strollers in it's class. And the one handed close? We just couldn't get over it. So we bought one. Well actually, our BFF's Stacy and Chad got it for us as a gift. Thanks again guys! It's even small enough to fit in the over head compartment of an airplane, yet can hold a child up to 50lbs, 22.7kgs. It's so amazing.

Bringing it home to SA from the US was quite a story. Everyone kept asking where our baby was and I couldn't tell them in my belly. I had to lie to the flight attendant and tell her she was sick and coming with my parents. She misunderstood and thought the baby was coming on our flight. This lady kept quizzing me about what medication I gave her and when. I almost freaked out, I had no idea what to say. My lie kept getting bigger and bigger. Thankfully we then boarded I escaped the nosy attendant. 

Anyway, Skip and I actually nerd out over this thing. When in public we look to make sure people are watching then close it with one hand. That's how much we love it. We give demonstrations at our house for free. Just give us a call. Sort of kidding.

I found that they are available at almost every baby shop in the US, but I've only found them at Kid's Emporium (my favorite baby shop) here in South Africa.

The City Mini line is so cool celebrities even use them. Most of the photos below are of the City Mini Double which we will totally be buying in a few years.

I found all these photos on Baby Jogger's website.
Halle with her stone and black City Mini

Blair with her stone and black City Mini

Who doesn't know Julia?

Naomi and her man

Spiderman with his broad and brood

And the 2nd hottest dad on the plant, after the Skipper of course. Matt from Texas

Watch this video to see what I am raving about.


  1. HA! Love this post! I'll have to keep this post in mind for when I have a bambino!

  2. You sound like me when I got my Baby Jogger City Elite Double when Connor was born. I'm dying to buy the single but Ryan won't let me since we have our chicco single from Abby. Boooo!!!


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