Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ordinary Day

Just a day. Just an ordinary day. Just trying to get by.

Today was just a day. Just an ordinary day. Just trying to get by,  just like the song.

I got out of bed at 5:30 after feeding Ava. Thankfully, she went right back to sleep. I showered, dressed and blow dried my hair. Chatted with Johan about the day ahead. My dad was visiting, so I got to eat breakfast him and Johan, while Ava played on my lap.

Drove to work with barely any traffic. Listened to the news, jammed to Adele a bit and gave the finger to a few taxis's.

Working on two events right now, super busy. Making the day fly by. Listened to one of our speakers on the radio. An interview I helped organize. Made me feel pretty cool.

Drove to my brother in law's house for my niece's 4th birthday. Barbie themed. Ate some delicious soup. Watched my niece become speechless at the sight of her new bike. Ate some delicious cake and sweets.

Now I am lying in bed, thinking about my ordinary day. Just got the baby and husband to sleep.  I am so content with life right now. Today was just an ordinary day and I liked it.

Ava likes to play with my face while she falls asleep. I love it.
I saw this on JCrew and something similar, also JCrew, on I heart your outfit.
This is my dream outfit.
Now to find the $2,500 to pay for it...

I can't seem to get Vanessa Carlton out of my head...

Here's to ordinary days!



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