Sunday, June 5, 2011

Something Borrowed

The husband is out of town for the night so I decided to indulge myself with a chick flick. My choice, Something Borrowed. Ginnfer Goodwin and Kate Hudson, two of my favorite actresses for this genre. This movie can't go wrong, right? Wrong. The plot was shocking, and the ending even worse.

I never read Emily Giffin's novel before watching the moive, and I sure as hell won't read it now.  I'll be the first to admit I like to live my life through rose colored glasses. I don't watch scary moives, and rarely read scary books. For news, I appreciate the truth, so I steer clear of the likes of Fox news, outlets that just like to heighten the fear level in their viewers. I also limit my intake of news. Why do I need to know every gory detail of what the psycho's in the world are doing? I'll pass, thank you very much.

My first choice of movie is always a comedy of sorts. And when the husband is gone, chick flicks for sure. Men always have comments that ruin chick flicks and reality TV. So tonight's movie, Something Borrowed. And well, it was terrible.Thank goodness Skip wasn't here. Let me start off by saying that I am glad I didn't pay a single cent to watch this movie. Yes, I admit it, I watched it for free off the internet. Beat me up about it, I know. It's a terrible thing I did. Poor Kate probably won't be able to feed her kid tonight because I watched her movie off the net. I do know it's wrong, but then imagine them with their 1000's of Gucci handbags and me with my old Coach and my remorse seems to fade into the night's sky.

The plot of Something Borrowed is about one girl, who is in love with her best friends fiancée and the relationship they have behind her friends back. Granted, the friend is a total idiot and the main character had fallen in love with the guy first, but still. I honestly don't see how the producers of this movie expect to make money. The last thing I want to do, is go watch a movie with my girlfriends about one girl's oldest and dearest friend in love with her man. What's the conversation like walking out of the theater? Do you look at your friend and wonder if they secretly crush on your man? I guess I just like a good old love story where friends, help friends land their love. Not, secretly hope for their demise. The ending was also a bit blah, but I won't spoil it for those who still want to watch.

If they ever made a movie about my life, I would totally want Kate Hudson to play the part of me. She is absolutely gorgeous and comes across so carefree. I have a huge girl crush on her and Gwyneth Paltrow. Ooh and Gisele Bundchen. Who would you want to play the part of you, in the movie of your life?

Since Daddy is out of town, Little Miss Ava is sleeping with Mommy. It's amazing how such a tiny little person can take up so much room in the bed, and in your heart. Love her.

Sleeping Beauty

Wishing I could fall asleep. Just need one little phone call from Skip telling me he made it safely to Louis Trichardt. My 5 am wake up call is inching closer, and closer.

Goodbye weekend. Hello Monday...

Lekker slaap!

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